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[VIDEO] Fort Worth Police Department Had Boba Fett Help Out This Week

May 25, 2018

There's only one other person criminals fear more than the police.

In honor of Solo: A Star Wars Story The Fort Worth Police Department released a video this week featuring the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett. FWPD posted the video on social media to help encourage citizens to be apart of the citizens on patrol and other police programs offered to citizens.

The video features an officer speaking in a meeting, letting others know what criminals need to be caught. Who better to round up criminals than Boba Fett himself. Boba walks in and interupts the meeting by bringing in two of the criminals on the list. 

No better way to raise awareness for police programs than releasing a video featuring a Star Wars character. Check out the hilarious clip below.

Via: Fort Worth Star Telegram