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Universty Bookstore Employee Charged With Stealing $20,000 Worth Of Textbooks

December 30, 2018

Jose Roberto Alonzo is an employee of a University of Central Florida bookstore.

Well, he was an employee.

Recently, Alonzo, 39, was charged with stealing more than $20,000 worth of textbooks from the bookstore, and selling them to a competing campus bookstore, turning a large profit in the process.  

Now $20, many college textbooks is that?  Five?  Six?

Alonzo told police he first started stealing textbooks from a UCF Barnes and Noble in 2009, hiding the the books in his shirt as he left the store without paying.  Very sophisticated.  Beginning in January 2016, he stole as many as 100 textbooks from his bookstore, and sold them to competing bookstores on campus, College Book and Supply and Textbook Solutions.  

For his efforts, Alonzo made $24,000 in a 14 month period!  He was arrested on charges of grand theft and dealing in stolen property.

Via Click Orlando