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Twitter’s Newest Trend? Texting the “Number Neighbor”

Texting the exact number one digit off

August 2, 2019

Has there been a time people called or text the wrong number? Of course, they either mistake the number by one digit or have it wrong all together. 

Never did the universe think individuals would intentionally text the wrong number or a number similar to theirs.  Welcome to the new age.  This is the new fad that hit twitter!

Savvy texter’s are texting their “Neighbor Number” a number just like there’s, with a difference in a digit from their own. It is the same number, except for the last digit it is either a digit up or down from their own.

The guy that started this trend is Ryan


Here are some of the funniest responses to those who jumped on the bandwagon and texted their "Neighbor Number".



Is anyone else willing to text their “number neighbor”?  Or is this plain weird?

Source:  Buzzfeed

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