Christmas House Lights

Photo By: Dreamstime

Texas Family’s Christmas Decorations Light Up To The Baby Shark Song

December 7, 2018

You might want to step up your Christmas lighting game if you want to compete with this Texas family. 

The Hinojosa family could be considered the Griswold’s of Boerne, Texas. Last year they set up 60,000 lights; now this year they topped it with 100,000. 

The family also drew some attention for having their lights synched to Selena Quintanilla. They definitely changed it up and raised the bar this year. The Hinojosa’s front yard wonderland has been a work in progress and has been getting bigger every year.

There’s even a whole Facebook dedicated their Christmas lights. Homeowner Beto Hinojosa tells KENS 5 that most of the light fixtures are handmade. Not only are there more lights, but they’re now synched to a few new songs.

This year you can hear some classic Christmas songs plus a few songs from the Disney Pixar movie 'Coco', Selena Quintanilla, and the viral hit ‘Baby Shark’. 

Anyone driving around the neighborhood can catch the Hinojosa’s lighting display Sunday through Thursday from 5:30 P.M. - 10 P.M. and on Friday and Saturday's their lights run till 11 P.M. 

If you’re driving through Central Texas and visiting family this holiday season, stop by and check this crazy lighting display. The Hinojosa’s lights will be up until January 6th.  

In case you don’t feel like driving all the way to see these Christmas lights, check out the videos of the lights synched to a few songs down below.