Phones at the table


This Texas Restaurant Offered A “No Phone Family Night”

September 7, 2018

A free appetizer sounds like a great special until you hear how you get it. 

There’s no denying that smartphones are running the world now, but this Texas restaurant might have found a way to fight it. Bubba’s 33 over in Amarillo, Texas offered a very unique deal the other day. 

You get one free appetizer if you can keep your phone in your pocket for the entire meal. Easier said than done right? If you think you might get bored at the table, Bubba’s 33 will provide you with table games. The restaurant even offers cornhole in the parking lot. 

The feedback has been good so far, but there’s no word if Bubba’s 33 will bring the special back or not.

This should be a special that’s offered at every restaurant at least once a week, just to help families put their phones down and communicate with one another. You know, like back in the good Ol’ days.

Via: Rare