Son about to get a spanking

Photo By: Dreamstime

Texas Mom Spanks Her Son In The Street For Taking Her Car

October 18, 2018

Let’s face it you’re never too old to get a spanking. 

13-year-old Aaron Martinez from El Paso, Texas thought it would be fun to take his moms new BMW out for a joyride, he was very wrong. 

His older sister Liza Campero documented what had happened in a series of tweets last Friday. It all started when Aaron turned off the Wi-Fi that way his mom couldn’t see what was happening on the security cameras. His mom was tipped off by one of her sons’ friends’ mom. 

Campero and her mom went out searching for Aaron and found him driving the car to a friend’s house. The mom made Aaron pull over, and started spanking him in the middle of traffic. 

Liza’s tweets have received over 100K likes and have been re-tweeted over 40k times. 

Via: FOX 4 News