Sheet Ghost


Haunted Restaurant In San Antonio Lets Customers Stay The Night

June 29, 2018

Joe and April Ward had no idea what they were in for when they set up their café in San Antonio.

The couple noticed that the posts set up in front of the restaurant had been knocked over every time they opened in the morning. At first, they didn’t think anything of it, until it kept happening. That’s when they busted out a surveillance camera.

The following morning they checked the footage and saw what looked like a small ghost. Joe & April shutdown the cafe that day and called a paranormal expert to explain things. According to the San Antonio Express-News, the expert was able to determine that the ghost was a young boy, who was quite friendly.

Now the couple has reopened, and are offering customers a chance to spend the night in their haunted café, they even have a new special on root beer floats in honor of their guest.

Next time you’re in San Antonio and want to have a friendly ghost experience stop by the OnLive Hall of Fame Cafe at 2402 East Houston Street.