A&M Senior Took Her Graduation Photos With An Alligator

August 7, 2018

That’s one daring grad student!

How close have you ever been to an alligator? Probably not as close as her. Makenzie Noland is a wildlife ecology major graduating from Texas A&M. For her graduation photos, she wanted to pose with “Big Tex’.

No, not the cowboy at Fair Park, the massive 14-foot alligator at the Gator County alligator sanctuary in Beaumont, Texas. While interning over the summer she became close to the giant alligator and wanted him to be a part of her “special moment”. "I am very happy to work with Tex every single day so I wanted him to be a part of this special moment."

Noland tells ABC News that she hopes that he remembers her and plans to come back and visit Big Tex. "I want to come back and get in the water with Tex again and see if he remembers me because he's been a really big part of my summer and I hope that he loves me as much as I love him."

Check out the photos below, she’s received over a thousand likes and her photos have been shared more than 6K times.