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Teen Vandalizes National Monument With Graffiti "Promposal"

June 12, 2018

We know teens these days are trying to come up with more and more creative ways to ask their crush to prom.  If we can, let's try to avoid graffiti, please.

Last month, a national monument in Colorado was vandalized after a teen wrote sprayed a "promposal" in graffiti.  The markings read, "Prom…ise?,” and “I promise to love you forever + always” written on rocks just outside of Grand Junction, about 250 miles west-southwest of Denver.  

Geoff Jasper, ranger operations supervisor for the city of Boulder, said his crew tries to clean any graffiti within 24 hours of it being reported.  He told Fox31, "It is incredibly frustrating.  We know that most people come here, and visit the parks because of their natural beauty, or habitat or the natural qualities that the park has, and then seeing something like graffiti or vandalism, it really detracts away from the beauty of the park.”

Though reported a month ago, this graffiti is still up so preservationists can analyze the damage and see to make sure there aren't any historic works of art that have been damaged due to the message

While normal penalties for such vandalism can involve six months in prison and a $5,000 fine, National Park Ranger Frank Hayde confirmed that will be "far more lenient" if the culprits make the decision to come forward.  

Via NY Post