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Texas Teen Tried To Bribe Police Officers While On The Way To Jail

September 4, 2018

It’s a little too late to be negotiating when you’re on the way to jail. 

18-year-old Skylar Cuthbertson was discovered at a street corner at 3:45 Saturday morning when officers approached him. Cuthbertson was showing signs of intoxication; according to the affidavit, the officers tried taking the teen to the city’s sobriety center. 

When Cuthberson became uncooperative and combative with the staff, the officers took him to jail. While in the back seat Cuthberston attempted to bribe the officers with $100 to take him home instead of jail. When that didn't work, he upped the offer to $200. 

Police say Cuthbertson continued to offer them bribes and even tried bribing the jail staff. He was charged with bribery and was released on Sunday morning.

When you're in the back seat of a police car, it's best to just keep quiet.

Via: Austin American Statesman