Teen Driver Blames Hot Wings For Speeding Ticket

The Teen Driver Was Pulled Over Going 105 MPH

June 9, 2019

No one likes to get pulled over for speeding, but it’s always good to have an excuse ready just in case. One teen in Canada recently tried getting out of a speeding ticket with a pretty valid excuse of his own. According to police, the teen’s excuse for speeding was he ate too many hot wings and needed to use the bathroom.

The 16 year old driver in Canada was pulled over recently after being caught driving 105 mph. He was driving a Chevrolet Camaro in the Canadian providence of Manitoba. According to the tweet sent out by the Manitoba police, the driver was fined $727 for speeding and an additional $150 for driving without a supervising driver.

When asked why he was speeding, the driver told police he had ate too many chicken wings and was rushing to get to the bathroom. While most can sympathize with that feeling, the police weren’t buying it, and still gave the teen a ticket.

According to police, the driver most likely will also have his license suspended. When it comes to speeding, this police force means business. As they said in their tweet, “#noexcuses for that kind of speed.”

Via Fox News