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Student Called His Teachers Bluff And Ended Up Taped To His Own Chair

December 3, 2018

It was always an interesting day when your teacher couldn’t make it in and they had to call the substitute teacher. Sometimes the sub was the best, sometimes they were the worst, and in this case, they were probably the worst. 

A long-term substitute teacher in Pasadena, Maryland was placed on leave after she told one of her students that she would tape him to his chair if he didn’t return to his seat. 

What sounds like a joke, was the cold hard truth. According to the letter sent to parents by the school, the boy thought what the substitute was joking and she followed through on her promise. 

“During regular classroom instruction, the teacher, a long-term substitute, remarked to a student that if he did not return to his seat, she would tape him to his chair. The student found the remark funny, and the teacher proceeded to do as she said she would.”

The incident occurred on November 28th, the police were notified of what had happened, no charges have been filed against the substitute teacher. 

This was the teacher’s first assignment since starting on October 26th. A spokesman for the school said that the incident happened in a playful manner on both sides. 

Kids should listen when the teacher tells them to do something the first time. 

Via: Fort Worth Star-Telegram