Jason Kempin / Staff

Fitness Guru Says He Believes Richard Simmons Will Make A Comeback Soon

Richard Simmons Has Not Made A Public Appearance Since 2014

June 2, 2019

The world may soon get the reemergence of the biggest ball of energy known to mankind. Richard Simmons, who has stayed out of the public eye since 2014, may soon be returning to the spotlight, according to Tae Bo creator, Billy Blanks.

Richard Simmons has not made a public appearance since 2014. The well-known figure’s disappearance from the public eye has led to speculation on why he has decided to step away from the spotlight. Now, close friend and creator of the popular workout routine, Tae Bo, says Simmons stepped away to focus on himself, but will soon make a comeback.

Speaking on Richard Simmons, Billy Blanks said, “"I think he needed that private time ... to get (himself) together, I think that's what he's doing and I think soon he'll be back." There has been no comment from Simmons or his team at this time about a possible comeback.

While many fans have worried about where Simmons may have gone, the fitness guru did make a comment on social media back in 2017, after news circulated about his disappearance, saying that he was “fine.” The world will just have to wait, but if Billy Blanks is right, we may soon have Richard Simmons back in our lives, like it or not!

Via USA Today