Surgeons in Texas Successfully Regrew an Ear on a Patients Forearm

May 10, 2018

With the help of science we are capable of all kinds of crazy things today.

After losing her ear in a car accident in 2016, Pvt. Shamika Burrage had surgeons in El Paso successfully grow her a new ear in her forearm.

This procedure was the first of its kind for the U.S. Army, and involved taking cartilage from Burrage's rib cage to form a new ear. The new ear was then placed under the skin of her forearm in order for it grow. Lt. Col. Owen Johnson III, chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the William Beaumont Army Medical Center (WBAMC) says that growing the ear in Burrages forearm, allowed the cartilage to form new blood vessels and nerves which will give Burrage feeling in her ear once it has rehabilitated properly.

The ear has been transplanted on to her head successfully. Burrage has two more more surgeries left before the entire procedure is complete. Lt Col. Johnson says that in five years no one will be able to notice any difference.