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Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles To Open Another Brewery In Texas

November 16, 2018

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles started a new business venture earlier this year.

Ackles opened up a brewery down in Dripping Springs, Texas with his wife and brother-in-law Gino Graul. The name of the brewery, just like in the show, The Family Business.

Now it's been announced that they will soon open a second brewery. This one will be in Austin as part of a new development. 

Their new location won’t be as large the one in Dripping Springs, but will still brew and serve beer to patrons. The Family Business 2.0 will be part of a new food hall at St. Elmo Public Market in South Austin. 

In a statement, Gino Graul said that their second location would bring smaller batches of new brews. "Our focus in the market will be small-batch, limited release beers, one-offs of our existing flagships, and we'll be working on an exciting barrel program."

The new location is currently under construction and is expected to open in fall of 2019. 

At least this one is a little closer to DFW. Hopefully, they’ll bring the Family Business to Dallas, or even Ackles hometown of Richardson. 

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