Pet Squirrel

Photo By: Dreamstime

An Emotional Support Squirrel Delayed A Flight By 2 Hours

October 10, 2018

These emotional support animals are starting to get out of hand. 

A woman in Florida was removed from a plane on Tuesday night because she brought her emotional support squirrel with her.

According to Frontier Airlines, the passenger noted in their reservation that they were bringing an emotional support animal, they did not indicate that the animal was a squirrel. Rodents, including squirrels, are not allowed on Frontier flights.

The police were called after the woman refused to leave the plane forcing other passengers to disembark from the plane. One Passenger took video of the woman as she was escorted off the plane.

The flight From Orlando to Cleveland eventually took off after it was delayed by two hours. Leave your squirrels at home people. 

Via: Yahoo