Santa in a parade

Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Santa Was Accidentally Launched Out Of His Sleigh During The Disney Parade

December 17, 2018

Accidents happen all the time, even at Disneyland. 

Disneyland hosts parades just about every day; eventually, something is bound to go wrong. 

Over the weekend during the Main Street U.S.A parade one of the floats collapsed. The float just happened to belong to Santa Clause. The sleigh that was attached to the float, broke off and launched Santa from his seat. Poor Kris Kringle was left hanging by his safety harness. 

Crew members were able to help remove Santa from his broken sleigh, luckily no one was injured. Santa continued to walk the rest of the parade route as though nothing happened. 

A few bystanders were able to take video and pictures of the incident. You can definitely tell that sleigh doesn’t look right. Check it out below.

Saw Santa almost die at Disneyland today. His sleigh broke and he was hanging by his harness. #disneyland #christmasfantasy #santa #disneylandsanta

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We’re just glad to hear that Santa is okay and ready to go for Christmas Eve. 

Via: New York Post