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After 48 Years The Sandy Lake Amusement Park Has Closed

October 18, 2018

What a long strange trip it’s been. 

After 48 years the Sandy Lake Amusement park in Carrollton is closing their gates for good. The owners of Sandy Lake announced on Wednesday that they have sold the property to a commercial landscaping company and that the park will be closed permanently. 

According to the park the historic swimming hole was established back in the 1930’s, the park didn’t become popular until 1971 when rides, picnic grounds, and other attractions were added.

The owners posted on social media thanking all the families that visited the park over the years and their employees. “Many former employees are and will always be dear friends of the owners and co-workers.”

What were your best memories at the Sandy Lake Amusement Park?

Via: FOX 4 News