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Ross Edgley Becomes The First Person To Swim Around Great Britain, Completing The Challenge In 5 Months

He Finished The Swim Sunday, After 157 Days In The Ocean

November 4, 2018

After 5 months, British swimmer Ross Edgley completed a feat never done before. In 157 days, Edgley swam around the mainland of Great Britain, completing his goal on Sunday. Red Bull sponsored the swim, and documented the great feat of strength, posting videos to their YouTube channel along the way.

Ross Edgley began his journey on June 1 in Margate, a southeastern England town on the coast. The swim finished in the same city, only this time Edgley had about 300 other swimmers finishing the journey with him, and cheering him on. “I won’t lie, getting a tad bit emotional now knowing it’s coming to an end,” Said Ross Edgley in a Instagram post on Friday.

Some BIG swims left in the Thames Estuary to try finish what we started 5 months ago #greatbritishswim -- I won’t lie, getting a tad emotional now knowing it’s coming to an end ☺️ Might be out of signal for a few days, but to EVERYONE who’s commented, shared & supported this project... THANK YOU so much --

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Over the last five months, Ross Edgley swam 1,791 miles, and endured many issues along the way. Not only did he deal with rough waters, and ocean wild life, including jelly fish stings, and the occasional shark, but he also dealt with neck chaffing from his wet suit. Still nothing stopped Edgley from completing his goal. Not once did he take a break on land, instead resting on a support boat in between six hours of non-stop swimming.

While on the boat, Ross Edgley would catch up on sleeping and eating. His daily calorie intake was up to 15,000 calories a day. This helped fuel his journey, along with breaks on the boat in order to roll out his tired muscles. Edgley also had to deal with something called “salt mouth,” which is when salt builds up on the tongue, causing the tongue to dry out. Edgley had pieces of his tongue flaking off during the swim, but still pushed through to the end.

In August, Great Britain recognized his swim as the longest staged sea swim, without using flippers, or any other aid, in history. Red Bull was along for the entire ride, keeping track of Edgley’s progress, and posting videos to their YouTube channel. In one of the posted videos, Ross Edgley explains his motivation for the swim saying, “It’s my hope that people remember the Great Britain Swim as an example or experiment in both mental and physical fortitude.”