Bonnie Tyler And Rod Stewart Are Teaming Up For a Duet Album

August 17, 2018

Working together for the first time ever, Rod Stewart and Bonnie Tyler are gearing up to record a duet album.  

Apparently the two legends are long time fans of each other, and the word is Bonnie dared Stewart to create an album with her.   According to one source, ''The story goes that Rod called Bonnie up out of the blue and said he wanted to see what their voices sounded like together in the studio."  ''But Bonnie told him that she wanted to go even further, that it was ‘all or nothing’ and dared him to record a whole album worth full of songs.''

The album could be a mixture of old classics with some unexpected collaborations.  Starting with hits such as "Stay With Me" and "Total Eclipse of the Heart", the duo also have plans to record cover songs from artists like Elton John, Queen and The Beatles.

Rod also reportedly suggested they record a Christmas classic such as Bing Crosby's "White Christmas".  

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