This Restaurant Was Serving Tarantula Tacos

August 17, 2018

México en el Paladar is a restaurant in Mexico City that serves a $27 taco. 

If it’s $27 it must be a good taco right? Maybe, but this taco only consists of a few ingredients. Smashed avocado, on a warm tortilla with a little lime, sprinkled on top of a Mexican red rump tarantula.

A video was posted on Facebook of how the restaurant prepares the tarantula. The critter is already dead, and then they begin by lighting it on fire to burn off the hairs. 

Now the EPA is coming after them because the tarantula that they are using is under threat of extinction and is considered a protected speices. The agency visited the restaurant on Wednesday and seized four tarantula carcasses’.  

Would you ever consider eating a tarantula taco? 

Via: Yahoo Lifestyle