Toys "R" Us Store Closing

Olivia Lopez/Democrat and Chronicle

Rave Inside an Abandoned Toys "R" Us was Busted

April 14, 2018

That didn't take long for someone to break into a Toys "R" Us.

Toys "R" Us declared bankruptcy last September and closed all of its stores last month in the U.S and UK. Now all that stands are empty buildings. During Easter weekend an unauthorized rave was scheduled to take place at one of the abandoned Toys "R" Us stores in Hounslow borough, just west of London. The event was dubbed Raves "R" Us and was busted before it even started. Police arrested five, and seized a sound system at the shuttered store. The five even graffitied the signs to read 'Raves "R" Us'. Anyone who had tickets for the event were all turned away.

Via: Variety