Credit: getty Image/ Alex Raths

Possessed Psychedelic Zombie Snail

Nature can be so deceiving, check out this absurd creature

August 13, 2019

Aww the beauty of nature can be so deceiving.

Check out this snail gone viral with multi-colored neon lights, better known as the “zombie” snail.

The colorful snail was spotted by a hiker in Taiwan’s Changhua County, although the snail might look like it was raving at psychedelic 70’s discotheque it was actually being possessed by a deceitful parasite called green-banded broodsac.

According to biologists, the snails are often hosts to this parasitic flatworm. The worm takes over and manipulates the motor neurons in the snails’ eye stalks and induces the green, orange and red pulsating pattern with the intentions to mimic a caterpillar in order to intentionally attract and be easy to spot by preying birds. Once the bird eats it, it provides the flatworm with an intestinal tract to reproduce in.

Source: New York Post

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