Ottawa Redblacks

Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Canadian Football Player Chugs A Cold One After Team Scores A Touchdown

November 7, 2018

What classifies as an excessive celebration in the NFL changes just about every year. 

Over in Canada their rules about what you can do after scoring a touchdown seem very relaxed. 

Last weekend, after the Ottawa Redblacks scored a touchdown and took the lead over Toronto, lineman Jon Gott ran for the stands and reached for a cold one.  

Gott’s Girlfriend had an ice-cold beer waiting for him, and he chugged it like it was nobodies business. Ottawa ended up winning the game 24-9. 

During an interview after the game Gott told a sideline reporter that he had been thinking of something new to do after a touchdown for quite a while, he joked and said that it was just water. On Saturday, a report came in saying that Gott would not be fined for his unique celebration. 

If that kind of celebration happened in the NFL you could bet someone would receive a massive fine.  

Check out the footage from the celebration down below. 

Via: Mashable