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This Pizza Shop Puts Flyers Of Lost Pets On All Of Their Pizza Boxes

July 18, 2019

Not everyone pays attention to all those lost pet flyers posted around neighborhoods, but everyone pays attention to their pizza box. 

The owner of a New Jersey pizzeria John Sanfratello had an idea to help get the word out about lost pets in the area when he saw a flyer for a missing cat. 

“We had our cat run away a few years back and we went through a similar thing. My kids were younger. There was a lot of crying, a lot of anxiety. So I turn around, and I’m thinking to myself, I see the wall of pizza boxes... and that’s when it hit me.” 

His idea was similar to that of missing persons whose pictures were posted on milk cartons. He told the owner of the missing cat that she could drop off some flyers and he would put them on all of their pizza boxes. 

Her cat was found before John could put the flyers on all the boxes, but he still had the idea to help other pet owners find their missing pets. He then made a post on the pizza shops Facebook page that has since gone viral.

The shop has received nothing but praise for their idea and has seen an influx of missing pet flyers. John said their goal is to find pets, but another goal is to spread the word and have other businesses take part in it in their own communities. 

Via: FOX 4 News