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People In Garland Could Be Without Power Until Friday Due To Outage From Storm Winds

October 8, 2018

Residents in southeast Garland could be facing a pretty big challenge this week after North Texas was hit with heavy thunderstorms. 

Many are without power and could stay that way until Friday.  

Electric crews have been on the scene since the lines went down on Sunday Oct. 7, 2018, and are working around the clock but said a “significant amount of work” still has to be done.

The City of Garland released a list with advice for residents on how to handle the extended outage:  

  • Use an ice chest to keep perishable foods and medication cold. Monitor the temperature with a thermometer.
  • A full, closed freezer will hold its temperature for about 48 hours.
  • Do not connect a generator directly to household wiring. Instead connect it directly to what you are powering. For example, you may wish to run your refrigerator and a few lamps.
  • If your home is becoming uncomfortably warm, drink plenty of fluids and avoid doing any strenuous work. You can also take a bath or shower to cool off, or sponge yourself with cool water. Avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  • If you feel it is too warm to stay in your home, go to a library, theater, school, shopping mall or other air-conditioned facility during the warmest part of the day.
  • Flashlights are a safe way to light your home during a power outage.

-story via ktvt.com