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You Can Spend The Night In The Original House Used To Film Scream

July 25, 2018

Talk about a house of horrors.

A Kickstarter campaign was launched to give fans of the horror franchise the best experience possible.

Two Scream fans convinced the owners of the house where the movie was filmed, to throw a party right before Halloween.

Of course the best experience possible will cost you a shiny penny. If you make a pledge of $850 or more you and a guest can spend the night in the house where the final scene took place. If you pledge $1,750 can attend a party taking place at Stu’s house. Both packages include a screening of the classic horror film. A smaller pledge will get a tour of Woodsboro and a bunch of cool swag. The big gathering is all taking place the weekend before Halloween. 

Fans were quick to donate to the campaign, as they have already surpassed their goal.

Via: Mashable