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No One Is Liking Paris’ Exposed Public Urinals

August 14, 2018

Imagine taking a boat cruise down the Seine River in Paris France, and all of a sudden you see a random guy next to the river start peeing into a big red trashcan. 

The city of Paris recently debuted the “Uritrottoir” a red eco-friendly box with an opening in the front with a floral display on top that will grow straw that will be turned into compost for the parks and gardens. 

The idea of these big red boxes is to help reduce the number of people urinating in the streets and into these boxes

No in Paris is liking these uritrottior’s as they are fully exposed and have been placed in tourist destinations like near the Notre Dame cathedral, another overlooks passing tourist boats on the Seine River. One has even been placed about 25 yards from a school. 

Residents are furious and are calling for them to be removed. The mayor, on the other hand, says that these uritrottior’s are necessary, "If we don't do anything, then men are just going to pee in the streets. If it is really bothering people, we will find another location."

What do you think would happen if we stalled these in DFW? 

Via: BBC News