Justin Sullivan / Staff

Paramount And Hasbro Announce A New G.I. Joe Movie Is In The Works

This New G.I. Joe Movie Will See The Big Screen Debut Of Chuckles

August 10, 2019

An 80’s classic is making its way back to movie theaters, and this time they’re guaranteeing chuckles. Paramount and Hasbro recently announced they are developing a new G.I. Joe movie, separate from the ‘Snake-Eyes’ movie already in the works. This new G.I. Joe will see the big screen debut of fan favorite character, Chuckles.

With the success the G.I. Joe franchise has seen at the box office, Paramount and Hasbro decided to double down, and announce yet another G.I. Joe movie set to hit theaters in 2020. The companies already have a solo film for the G.I. Joe character, Snake-Eyes, set to be released in 2020 as well. While not much is known about this new project, one bit of information that has fans excited is the film debut of Chuckles.

Chuckles was first introduced to the G.I. Joe world as a toy, and in the comics, in 1987. While he is yet to be in any films, his characters is known for his undercover and infiltration work. No director or casting has been announced yet, but Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec, who wrote ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol,’ are set to write the script.

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