Dallas freeway

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This North Texas City Listed In Top 5 Best U.S. Cities To Drive In

July 12, 2018

WalletHub this week released their list for 2018 that compares attributes of the 100 most populated cities in the U.S. . 

What they look at before compiling a list are these following specifics: Cost of Ownership & Maintenance, Traffic & Infrastructure, Safety, and Access to Vehicles & Maintenance.  Two dozen indicators of driver friendliness, gas prices, traffic congestion, and the number of auto-repair shops per capita were factors when deciding how cities ranked. 

The city of Plano was the only North Texas city to make it into the top 5 coming in at number 5.  

However that wasn't the only Texas city to make the top 100 list.  Corpus Christi came in 2nd, El Paso at 8th, Arlington at 13th, Austin at 14th, Fort Worth at 16th, and Laredo at 17th.  Dallas did make the list, but came in at low but not too low placement at 36th.  But all of us here in Dallas shouldn't feel to bad about that placement.  Houston was ranked the worst Texas city to drive in and came in at 46th.  

And in case you were wondering, the number 1 ranking city to drive in is Raleigh, North Carolina and coming in last at 100 is Detroit, Michigan.

-source via ktvt.com