Cadillac XLR


Man Gets Trapped Inside His Own Car For 14 Hours

September 13, 2018

This sounds like a real-life Christine moment.

Peter Pyros of Cleveland, Ohio just wanted to take his 2006 Cadillac XLR roadster for a spin one morning and ended getting to know the inside of the car very well.

After trying to start the car multiple times he realized the battery was dead. Peter tried to open the door but couldn't get out due to the doors having buttons instead of handles, Peter was trapped inside. 

The windows, horn, and door all require electricity to work properly. Pyros had left his phone inside and was unable to call anyone for help. He began screaming and pounding on the windows hoping someone would hear him. 

It wasn't till around 11:30 that night when Peters neighbor came over to tell him that his garage door was open. He then heard Pyros pounding on the car doors and helped him out of the car.

Via: USA Today