Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia/Sipa USA

Official Trailer For New Jonas Brothers Documentary 'Chasing Happiness' Releases

It'll get you in all the feelings!

May 9, 2019

We've known the Jonas Brothers are back for a while. But, most of us still have a lot of questions as to their reunion, the original split more than 8 years ago and their time spent apart.

'Chasing Happiness' is the documentary the Jonas Brothers decided to film in order to bring us all the clarity we needed. They've said in interviews the documentary to release on Amazon prime led them to bring the band back together.

The official trailer has released with this description:

         "About Chasing Happiness: Chasing Happiness is a story of brotherhood. From humble roots as Pastor’s sons in New Jersey, through their meteoric rise to fame, the Jonas Brothers’ bond was unshakable- until a surprising and painful breakup led Joe, Kevin and Nick  down very different paths. With deeply personal interviews, previously unreleased footage and exclusive music, this is the Jonas Brothers as never seen before."