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Outrage Caused By Video From North Texas High School Targeting Girl's Dress Code

August 19, 2018

All over the country there have been several cases of high schools getting into hot water over dress codes and how it gets handled when administering punishment.   

And now the newest dress code controversy is coming from a high school in our own backyard here in North Texas.  

Marcus High School in Flower Mound is facing quite a bit of backlash after two students went on Twitter to exprese their opinions over a video that was shown concerning the topic of girls wearing shorts in school. 

After the video's release, there has been plenty of criticism on how the subject was handled and not just from the student body. 

Apparently Yahoo made an attempt to contact the high school for comment, but no response was given.  However school principal Will Skelton sent out a statement of apology after the video was met with scrutiny online.  

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