Sad Birthday Party

Photo By: Dreamstime

The Best Thing Happened After No One Showed Up To This Kindergarteners Birthday Party

October 24, 2018

It’s pretty normal when two or three friends don’t show up to a party you invited them to, it’s really odd and a little sad when no one you invited shows up. 

Teddy from Tucson, Arizona was celebrating his 6th birthday on Sunday at Peter Piper Pizza. The plates were all set the pizza was ready to go, the only problem was that none of Teddy's classmates showed up. 

Teddy's mom Sil Mazzini, tells KNXV that a few parents had told her that they couldn’t make it, what she didn’t expect was no one to show up. One reporter shared a photo of Teddy sitting next to all the empty plates and uneaten pizza on social media. 

The photo gained a lot of traction, and responses from all over the country came pouring in wishing Teddy a happy birthday. The Phoenix Suns basketball team even wished Teddy a happy birthday and invited him and his family to Wednesday night’s game against the Lakers.  

Guess it turned out to be a nice birthday after all.