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Man In New York Has Collected Over 40K Items Of 80's Memorabilia

September 11, 2018

39 year old J.P. Annunziato from the Bronx, NY, just might be the ultimate 80's lover.  

From Care Bears to Rainbow Brite or ThunderCats to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, J.P. has collected over 40K items of 80's memorabilia.  

However, his collection of 80's gear is more than just toys.  It includes albums, movies, board games, school supplies like Trapper Keepers, and popular books.  “I probably have the complete sets of TV Guides, Cliffs Notes,” he said. “A lot of books like Sweet Valley High, Choose Your Own Adventure.”  He even has a collection of fashion items such as Swatch watches, Lee jeans, and even those neon jelly bracelets that almost every teen girl had lining their wrists.

But apparently, Annunziato has a particular taste for McDonald’s. “I have pretty much every Happy Meal box from 1980 to 1989, including the toys,” he said. “A lot of the McDonald’s stuff is my favorite because we were poor growing up in the Bronx, and we got our meals with our toys.”  

And just how did J.P. get started on his 10 year collection?  “I was going to a flea market. There was someone selling a bunch of Care Bears on a blanket. It just took me back to being a child. I took them home and I stared at them, and I felt good. I started to collect and recreate my childhood through things, through merchandise.”

Annunziato attempted a Guinness Book World Record for “the most 1980s toys” but was denied because according to Guinness the collection is “too complicated” and needed to be more specific.  

Check out his Instagram to see all of the nostalgic 80's goodies.  

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