People Are Texting Their “Number Neighbor” And The Results Are Hilarious

The New Social Media Trend Has People Changing The Last Digit Of Their Number By One, And Texting That Number

August 4, 2019

The internet is full of odd fads, trends and challenges that no one is quite sure how they started or who started them. The newest trend to hit social media may be the oddest one yet, but surprisingly it has created new friendships. People are texting their number neighbors, and the responses have been a combination of funny and alarming.

While it is unknown how this trend got started, it has risen in popularity over the last few days. People are changing the last digit of their phone number by one, and texting that number in hopes of a response. Plenty of people have been disappointed by no answer, but some got some very interesting responses.

Number neighbors are taking over the internet, and leading to new friendships somehow. Of course, not everyone receives a new friend, as some either know their number neighbor, or their neighbor wasn’t in on the joke. Still, why not give your number neighbor a text, and see if a new friendship emerges?

Via Complex