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A New Game Show Wants To Help Pay Off Your Student Loan Debt

July 10, 2018

Are you still paying off your student loans? TruTV is about to launch a new game show that's right up your alley.

“Paid Off” is a new game that is dedicated to helping you pay off your student loan debt. The show will have three youthful contestants with a considerable amount of debt, answer trivia questions in a Jeopardy-style battle.

What’s the grand prize you ask? Unfortunately, you don’t get to drive away in a new car. The winner of each episode though will have a large portion of their student loan debt paid off. The amount that is paid off will be determined by how well the contestant does.

The new game show will kick off it’s first of 16 episodes on Tuesday, July 10th on TruTV.

Check out the trailer for the game show below. Do you have what it takes to win?

Via: Mashable