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This New Art Installation Features A Bizarre Interactive AI

April 7, 2018

There's a new cute, but admittedly strange AI living in London's Hyde Park. 

BOB, which stands for "Bag of Beliefs"is an art installation by artist Ian Cheng. There are six BOB's total and even though each was created at the same time, they've evolved in radically different ways. People can take control of BOB's head via a smart phone. As you interact with BOB, the AI will read your facial expressions, perceiving both positive and negative reactions. 

BOB won't interact with everyone though. If it doesn't like you, it won't be shy about letting you know. BOB has even been known to bite off his own head to avoid interacting with certain people. 

BOB's behavior isn't the only bizarre thing about it. Physically, each BOB has grown a little bit differently, but each features a surreal mix of heads and long rigid segments. Just take a look for yourself...

Good morning BOB! ----

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Via Mashable