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NCAA Suspends Several Soccer Players For Playing A Pick Up Game With The Foo Fighters

September 6, 2018

This week several players from the soccer team at the University of Kentucky got themselves into a bit of hot water with the NCAA.

And honestly if you're gonna get into trouble with the NCAA, it should be for something pretty cool like this.  Players from Kentucky's men's team are now suspended from two supervised team activities for playing a pick up game with members of The Foo Fighters.

Now techniquelly the actual offense comes from them playing with their coaches who were already playing with the band members.  Apparently in May, The Foo Fighters were in town to perform at Lexington's Rupp Arena and decided to pay a visit to the team and play a game with their coaches.  The band and coaches were playing on one side of the field while the student athletes were already playing a game of their own on the other side.

The band members didn't have quite the stamina they did back in the early 90's so they invited some of the student players over to join “as they were getting tired and wanted the energy level to be raised."  And unless you really don't like The Foo Fighters there's no way anyone would say no.  

But the NCAA saw differently.  The rule according to the NCAA prohibits student athletes from organized activities with coaches close to final exams.  

To some the rule makes sense, but considering the circumstance, we think the NCAA should have just looked the other way just this once.  

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