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The Hubble Telescope Is Back To Functioning Properly, According To NASA

An Error In The Gyroscope Is What Caused The Error

October 28, 2018

The Hubble Space Telescope has returned to normal operations, according to NASA. On October 5 The Hubble Telescope went into safe mode after one of the gyroscopes stopped functioning. Now I know what you’re thinking; what is a gyroscope?

The gyroscope on the Hubble Telescope is what allows it to turn and lock on targets that it is trying to observe. While in safe mode, engineers worked on getting the gyroscope back up and running. A backup was able to be used, after initially having issues with high rotation rates.

Safeguards were put in, in order to prevent the gyroscope from going into a high rate of rotation again, according to NASA. While in safe mode, NASA engineers worked to collect date and perform a series of maneuvers in order to make sure the telescope properly rotated, and pinpoint target, while in space.

After almost a full month, The Hubble Telescope is now running properly, and has already started working. The Hubble Telescope completed observations of a distant, star forming galaxy, on Saturday.

Launched in April of 1990, The Hubble Telescope has worked for the last 28 years. Its primary objective is to collect data on how planets form, and gaining information on dark matter.

Via USA Today