New born baby

Photo Credit By: Dreamstime

Mother Names Baby After The Officer Who Delivered Her On The Side Of A Highway

November 29, 2018

Not everyone can get to the hospital in time to give birth to their newborn baby, sometimes you have to make do with where you’re at. 

Bridgette Crumley had her family loaded up in the car when they were headed toward the hospital to deliver her second child; only they didn’t make it in time. 

Her husband pulled up next to a car dealership on highway 46 in Tennessee when they realized that Bridgette’s baby was just about here. She told FOX 17 News "We were heading to the hospital when she just started coming out. My water didn't even break."

Bridgette’s mother-in-law told her that someone’s going to have to be ready to catch the baby. That’s when officer Sierra Reprogal with the Dickson Police Department, showed up.  

By the time officer Reprogal arrived the baby was half out. “She never left my sight and just started to grab and pull while I pushed,” Bridgette said. 

Just like that officer Reprogal delivered the newborn baby, she made sure she was breathing and wrapped her in a blanket. She was born in the front seat of her family’s minivan at 2:22 in the morning. Once EMS arrived they cut the umbilical cord before taking off to the hospital with Bridgette and the baby. 

Originally Bridgette and her husband planned on naming their newborn child Isabella Marie Crumley. After everything that happened, they decided to change it to Isabella Sierra-Marie Crumley in honor of the officer who helped deliver their baby safely. 

Bridgette posted a picture of her, Isabella and officer Reprogal in the hospital together on Facebook. 

One day someone’s going to ask Isabella where she was born and she’ll be able to say on the side of a highway.