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Mom Gets Arrested After Her Daughter Attempted To Camp Inside A Wal-Mart

December 5, 2018

Well, this story took a weird turn. 

Police in Ludington, Michigan were called out to a local Wal-Mart after employees discovered two girls hiding out in the clothes rack. 

When store workers found the girls, they ran away. According to Sheriff Kim C. Cole “The girls were planning on sleeping in there. They had a makeshift fort with bedding down and blankets laid out.” 

As it turned out the girls were going to attempt the 24-Hour Wal-Mart challenge, where you make a small campsite and spend the night inside of a Wal-Mart for 24 hours without getting caught. There are tons of videos on YouTube with kids attempting this Internet challenge. 

Deputies in Mason County found the girls walking about a mile from the store. When police arrived at Wal-Mart they discovered a cell phone that the girls left behind. It was used to contact one of the girls’ parents.

Cole said that the mom who answered the phone told police that she dropped off the kids so they could do a social media challenge."I just do not know what would inspire someone to leave their 10-year-old daughter inside a Wal-Mart at 2 a.m."

When the mom arrived to pick up the cell phone from the police, they found her in possession of heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. 

The mother, 39, is now in the county jail awaiting drug charges. The Mason County Prosecutor will determine if the mom will be charged for assisting the girls in the "24-hour overnight challenge."

Don't let your kids attempt every internet challenge they see online. 

Via: WZZM 13 News