Mistake On Baseball Card Confuses Pro Player For Justin Bieber

Topps Accidentally Wrote “Justin” On Shane Bieber’s Baseball Card

August 4, 2019

Sharing a name with a celebrity can be pretty annoying, especially when that celebrity is Justin Bieber. That’s exactly what pro baseball pitcher, Shane Bieber, has to deal with. Not only does Shane constantly hear “Justin” jokes, now he even has to deal with it on his official baseball card.

The mistake on the Topps baseball card was pointed out by Shane Bieber himself. After noticing the name “Justin” on the back on his card, the Cleveland Indians pitcher decided to poke some fun at himself. Topps quickly replied after the tweet went viral, responding with the Justin Bieber lyric “Is it too late to say sorry?”

Shane Bieber has been dealing with Justin Bieber comments for his entire career, so this is nothing new. The pitcher even leaned into the joke, wearing the nickname “Not Justin” on the back on his jersey during MLB Players Weekend last year. Shane Bieber is pretty famous in his own right, being named All-Star game MVP this year. However, he still has a long way to go before Justin Bieber starts getting called Shane.

Via USA Today