Tarantula, Spider, Branch

Mexico Restaurant Caught Serving Protected Tarantula Tacos

August 19, 2018

Would you ever consider eating a tarantula taco?

A restaurant in Mexico City was offering the exotic dish, serving Mexican red rump tarantulas in a tortilla smothered in guacamole.  Save for the tarantula, it sounds like we're on our way to a pretty good taco.  The restaurant promoted their tarantula taco, posted a video on Facebook showing the chef torching one until its blackened.  Which is what led to their downfall.

See, the Mexican red rump tarantula is a protected species in Mexico.  As soon as the federal environmental protection agency was alerted of the social media posts, they ventured to the restaurant and seized four tarantulas before they were served to customers.   

This restaurant appears to have a theme of serving super-exotic, super-gross sounding delicacies.  Along with the tarantula tacos, the menu features dishes made with grasshoppers, worms, ant eggs, and scorpions.

Via Associated Press