McDonald's Sign

Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA

A McDonald’s Employee Assaulted Their Manager With Crispy Bacon

November 14, 2018

If you were ever in a fight with someone in a kitchen, you wouldn’t use the perfectly good bacon on him or her. 

A McDonald's employee in South Carolina was charged with third-degree assault and battery last Friday. 

The unidentified employee was caught eating bacon in the kitchen and was reported to the manager by another employee. After the McDonald’s employee was told to stop, they continued to eat the bacon. 

That led the manager to tell their boss about what was going on in the kitchen. The employee disagreed with the managers’ actions and backed the manager into a corner. The employee began shoving hot crispy bacon in the manager’s face.

When attempting to push the employee away, the McDonald's manager was hit with a cup of an unknown substance. Another employee got between the two to help break up the fight. 

The manager called the police after their exchange. A judge later issued an arrest warrant for the McDonald’s employee. 

Via: New York Post