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Married Couple Discovers Through 23andMe They Are Actually Related

December 20, 2018

Liane met Marc when they were both on vacation in the Bahamas.

They were engaged two weeks later, and four decades later, with two children, are still together and incredibly happy.  Their son encouraged them to take the incredibly popular 23andMe genetics test, to discover their heritage, and boy, did they make a discovery.  Turns out, Liane and Marc are actually related!

The couple are third cousins to be exact, meaning they share at least one great-great grandparent. Both Liane and Marc found the news to be hilarious!  She wrote a piece for The Cut where she said, “Our implausible DNA match seemed entirely fitting to everyone who knew us.  It was a fun story, and we dined out on it for weeks.”

Still, the revelation hasn't changed a thing about their relationship.  Liane continued “I don’t need the imprimatur of 23andMe to tell me what I already know with bone-deep certainty: our connection is a decades’ long conversation that continues to nurture and sustain us both

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