Capuchin Monkey


Man Was Arrested With His Monkey After Stealing A Car

June 10, 2018

Even police officers have weird days at work.

Sheriffs in Pasco County, Florida responded to a car crash. The driver just happened to have had his pet capuchin monkey with him. The driver, 23-year-old Cody Hession, was apprehended after police discovered the car was reported stolen, and that he did not have a permit for his Capuchin named "Monk".

While Hession was being handcuffed, Monk was clinging on to his shirt and police had to the call the Fish and Wildlife Conservation to take care of him. In a statement deputy Zachary Dendler says, “That's a once in a lifetime experience. First thing is: How’s this monkey going to react to me? The other was: I kind of want to pet the monkey. I’ve never seen a capuchin monkey that close before and I don’t expect to again."

Hession took the car from his best friends step mom without permission, he is now behind bars for car theft and for keeping Monk without the proper permit. Hession's bond is set at just over $5,000. 

Monk is currently with the Suncoast Primary Sanctuary. Debbie Cobb who manages the sanctuary says that Monk was in great condition. “When we got him, he looked great, he's playing great. I’m not concerned about Monk. I can’t wait to meet his owner because he's done a great job.” Cobb told FOX 13 News that she would be willing to help Hession obtain the proper paper work so he can keep Monk.