[Video] Father Pranks Daughter By Wearing Short Shorts To Prove A Point

The Video Of The Dad In Denim Short Shorts has Been Viewed Over 20 Million Times

June 15, 2019

Father’s Day may be on Sunday, but a new candidate for father of the year has just entered the race. A father gave his daughter a “parenting 101” lesson in fashion this week, surprising her by wearing a pair of denim short shorts. Most fathers dread seeing what their daughters leave the house wearing, and this dad may have just solved all their problems.

Jason Hilley posted a video of his prank on June 12th and the video has already been viewed over 24 million times. The 75 second clip shows Hilley surprising his two kids by walking in the room wearing a pair of tiny denim shorts.

Hilley wanted to compare sizes to a pair he had just bought his daughter. “Get your shorts, we’re gonna see whose fit better,” the father says as his two children laugh hysterically. His daughter complies, and the two compare shorts, with Jason Hilley’s being just a bit shorter.

The father of the year, as many on social media have named him, tried proving a point to his daughter by embarrassing her. “I’m picking her up from school, with these on,” Hilley says in the video while rubbing his thighs. While it may not have stopped his daughter from wearing the shorts, it gave plenty of dads a great idea for embarrassing their kids.

Via Fox News