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Man Finds Forgotten Lottery Ticket Worth $1.75 Million In Old Jacket

October 7, 2018

A man in Montreal was cleaning out his wardrobe when he decided to rifle through the pockets of an old jacket he hardly wore anymore.  

Good thing he did.

Gregorio De Santis found a long-forgotten lottery ticket in one of the pockets.  The ticket was dated December 6, 2017, and De Santis was curious if it was worth anything anymore.  Upon validating the ticket, he was excited to learn he he thought he won $1,750.  He was excited, but very mistaken.  Turns out, the ticket was worth $1.75 million!  

De Santis said his heart about stopped when he learned the actual amount, and he credits his extraordinary luck to his sister, who encouraged him to clean out his wardrobe.  He said, "I would never have looked in that wardrobe without her."

According to the Quebec Lottery, tickets expire one year after the draw date printed on the ticket.  So good thing De Santis cleaned when he did, as he was two months away from expiration!