Bear in the River

Man Dies Attempting to Get a Selfie with a Bear

May 4, 2018

Taking an amazing selfie isn't worth risking your life.

Especially when it comes to dangerous animals. Prabhu Bhatara was coming back home from a wedding in India, when he spotted an injured bear in the forest. Bhataras friends who were with him, advised getting close to the wild animal.

Bhatara didn't listen to his friends and approached the animal to get a selfie. Once Bhatara got close enough, the bear got a hold of him and did not let go. While struggling to get free, a stray dog came in and bit the bear. The dogs intervention failed to deter the bear away from Mr.Bhatara.

Forest ranger Dhanurjaya Mohapatra told the Independent that Mr.Bhatara "died on the spot", and that the bear is currently being treated for injuries prior to the attack. Footage taken by bystanders has since gone viral.